How to get through the silly season


It’s the calm before the storm, or perhaps your festive-silly-season-Christmas-storm has already started.  It’s that moment when you crave a quiet weekend, a night at home, a day without cocktails, champagne and canapés (not to mention a bacon and egg roll to help you pull yourself together the following day).  There’s no denying that December is the time of year when we all fall off the band wagon.  However all is not lost, we have put together an action plan to help you get through the silly season sans headaches, skin breakouts and the extra KGs that December inevitably brings.  So to keep you balanced, here are our seven tips to ensure you feel your best:


Stay hydrated

Ok so we have heard this a million times… H2o is imperative to your health.  It’s pretty obvious that with the silly season comes loads of cocktails, champagnes and probably shots (let’s be honest).  Not to mention copious amounts of caffeine to keep you going the next day.  Both alcohol and caffeine dehydrate your body, so it is imperative to up your water intake around this time of year.  Drinking 2-3 litres of water per day (depending on how active you are) will help your skin glow (essential after a big night out), help you digest food and booze better and will reduce fluid retention (which comes with binge drinking).


Drink green juice

With all the parties and events, your regular super food, clean-eating, paleo diet will most likely go out the window.  Your kale and quinoa salad will be replaced with fried spring rolls, cheese platters and mini quiches.  To keep you balanced and to make sure you are getting enough greens in your diet, whizz up a kale, spinach, maca, berry and coconut water smoothie each morning (or the night before, and store in the fridge if you feel you might be too seedy to master the Nutribullet at 7am).  Drinking your greens will keep you alert and focused while replacing essential nutrients and minerals from a night on the tiles.


Keep your fridge stocked

It is a super busy time of year, so if you know there is nothing in the fridge you will most likely grab greasy, take away food as your no muss, no fuss option.  This will result in you feeling guilty, sluggish and reeking of garlic from your Mr. Funny kebab.  Don’t do this.  Instead load your fridge with fresh veggies, meats and snacks.  You will be more inclined to avoid wasting the food you spent your hard earned money on.   Do we need to tell you why you should eat healthy?  Didn't think so.



Combat dry, limp, dehydrated skin with a super-rich, antioxidant loaded moisturiser.  Do your whole body while you are at it.  Not only will it make your fake tan last longer, it will give you a nice glow and skirt worthy pins to show off at your work Christmas do.  Make sure you take your makeup off each night (even after said Christmas function) and slather on your moisturiser.  You will wake up with dewy, plump skin and no one will know you were out until 2.  Better than waking up with panda eyes.


Buy cucumbers

Cucumbers.  Put them in your aforementioned smoothie.  Put slices on your eyes to rid yourself of bags.  Put them in your water to cleanse you liver.  Thanking you Mother Nature.



Again this is another no brainier.  We are simply reminding you not to fall out of your workout regime during this busy period.  If you have parties in the evening then get to the gym during lunch or before work.  Even a brisk walk will help.  Getting your sweat on will make you feel satisfied, like you have earned that extra mince tart.  It will also keep you in some kind of routine which will help your mind feel balanced.  Most of all it will rid your body of the extra toxins you will undoubtedly consume.



When all else fails, spend a day detoxing.  If you manage to have a free day during or after the busy period, pamper yourself and your inside with a cleansing detox.  Strip your diet of nasties and load up on fruits and veg; a juice cleanse works wonders.  Dry body brush, coffee scrub and MUD bath yourself into a state or pure relaxation.  Bye bye toxins, hello glowing skin.  And finally, get some shut eye!  Your body rejuvenates during your state of slumber, it’s the perfect time to reset your skin, your organs and your mind.  Get at least 8 hours and your baben bod will thank you for it.