MUD is a new detox focused, holistic health brand, created by Caitlin O’Farrell and Rosemary Jonas.

Caitlin and Rosemary went to university together and established a friendship after discovering they had a common interest in health, wellbeing and beauty.  During their discussions they discovered a gap in the market for experiential detox products and hence MUD (My Ultimate Detox) was born.

They understand that life isn't #clearasmud and that our lifestyles can't always be a picture of health, so they designed their MUD products to help keep you balanced. They love to take care of themselves, but also indulge in a cheeky cocktail, or a wine (or three).
Caitlin and Rosie live their mission, and strive to create a movement around ‘balance’.
Their aim is to help people take control of their own health and wellbeing, so they can live their best lives too. 

They started MUD with the purpose of providing a natural way to cleanse the body and clear the mind.
Your system is full of toxins and heavy metals, stuff that has accumulated in your body over the years from processed food, beauty products and the environment. 

MUD's key ingredient, Bentonite Clay, has an electrical charge which comes to life when married with water.  The negative charge in the clay attracts the positive charge found in toxins, and this is how toxins are extracted.

Caitlin and Rosie understand the need to take some time out for yourself, and enjoy some self-care, and much needed ‘me-time’; Whilst also detoxifying your skin from everyday toxin build up and environmental pollutants. This is why they created
their Detox Baths and Body Mask range .

Both having suffered from digestive and gut health issues, after discovering the incredible benefits of ingesting Bentonite Clay – they knew they just had to educate consumers, and make it accessible to their community. This is why they’ve created their newest game-changing product - Edible MUD.

We hope you love our MUD products as much as we do.

Caitlin and Rosie xx

For media inquiries please email: pr@mudmudmud.com