MUD is a detox bath and body mask mix of bentonite clay, kaolin clay, Himalayan rock salt, sandalwood powder, organic French lavender powder and aloe vera powder

Your body is full of toxins and heavy metals, stuff that has accumulated within your body over the years.  Preservatives, pesticides, parabens and pretty little cocktail drinks clog up your body finding it hard to escape.  MUD's key ingredient, bentonite clay has an electrical charge which comes to life when married with water.  The negative charge in the clay attracts the positive charge found in toxins, and this is how toxins are extracted.

We understand that life isn't #clearasmud and that our lifestyles can't always be a picture of health, so we've designed MUD to keep you balanced.



Why is bentonite clay good for you?
Targets toxins chemicals and impurities 

Why is kaolin clay good for you?
Increases circulation and exfoliates 

Why is Himalayan rock salt good for you?
Cleanses and smoothes the skin 

Why is sandalwood good for you?
Improves skin tone and reduces dryness 

Why is lavender good for you?
Regulates sleep and promotes relaxation 

Why is aloe vera good for you?
Moisturises and helps alleviate skin conditions 

Is MUD vegan?
Yes! MUD is made from all natural products sourced from the earth. 

Is MUD tested on animals?
No! We test on our lady friends. 

Where is MUD made?
MUD is made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. 

What is included in my MUD order?
Your MUD purchase will include 200gm of bathing bliss with your packet of MUD powder, enough for two baths, a wooden mixing spoon and a thank you note from yours truly.  You can purchase MUD here.


Find out more information about using MUD here