Fresh MUD - 100% Natural Dry Shampoo

It's no secret....
Dry Shampoo is the glue that holds our lives together, that’s why we’ve developed a 100% natural, chemical and toxin free Dry Shampoo.

Using our signature ingredient, Australian Bentonite Clay, we’ve developed a product free of nasties, that also smells subtly like a Pina Colada (all in the name of #balance).

Fresh MUD absorbs and eliminates sweat, oil & dirt. No aerosol or chemicals mean Fresh MUD can be taken on a plane, chucked in your gym bag or tucked away in your handbag for a last minute tousle and tame.

In a convenient air spray bottle, Fresh MUD will last you for 100 washes. Style, refresh and extend the life of your hair wash, with Fresh MUD.

Apply directly to the roots to absorb oil, clean and lift. Leave for a few minutes to work it’s magic then comb or brush through. Shake well before use.

Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Tapioca Starch, Hydrous Silicate of Alumina (Bentonite Clay), Silica, Fragrance*.
*100% Natural fragrance

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